A Little Of Every Thing!!!!

     There is a Golden thread, that connects this whole Universe together, as One Body. You can move around everything within it, and, you can not make it unconnected, anywhere! This thread, remains invisible, in most of the wavelengths, that we call sights, by the different colored lights. Ultraviolet, infrared are just a few of the rays of light with your x-ray and gamma rays and so forth. From one point of the spectrums to its other, everything that coexist in this universe is found there. Yep, Us too. Now if you could stand back and take a look at that whole spectrum of all the different spectrums, you would be looking at, what I call and know, as God. So if you ask me whether I believe in God, you bet your life I do.

     Now the world is full of B’s & B’s, (my own personal definition) and they have one short ounce of knowledge, yet, you all know them, because they act, as if they know it all, and try their damndest, to show you they do, whether you want them too, or not. Don’t get me wrong, we all have different degrees of this mental sickness. Can not help it, us living in a world like ours. We all, are journeying when we start life, without a manual, to by pass the idiosyncrasies, of our lost parents, who think they know more than their, finally experienced parents. What a mess we have, when the gatekeepers, are corrupted to the core and, the world is not progressing into, an intelligent way of civilizing and adapting their ways, as the mistakes of our Ancestors have made, and leaving us, always making the same mistakes, over and over again.

     In Classing all things, it gets me to wondering, just when, are we going to see, that whatever we do to once class of things, other things in all the other classes, are effected by it. We are taught from school years and up, if not before, too compete with others. Just where does it say, compete against all others? Though no one asked me, I’m still going too say, I think you all have out classed yourselves, and competed us all, into a world of many animosities for different Classes. Hey! Don’t hate me for speaking the truth. But, you can hate me a little for calling you B’s & B’s. :->

     Every time someone says something, without being conscious of what they are saying, and who they are saying it too, it is easy to hurt their feelings. People are a feelings type of (emotional) beings. An open minded and open hearted person, can be crushed, by a mean closed minded and closed hearted person. When this happen over an over again, it’s like dying. It makes you want to say to them, "How many times and, how many ways, must I suffer the pain you cause me, before you learn, how much love I have for you? The Love I have within, is real, it fills me too over-flowing, and if your love is real for me, you would not be so indifferent to my feelings. But let us face it. People have let their self be ruined, not from others per se but, from not telling people how they feel. Amongst our brothers and sisters, our pride and egos, make us the craps we are.

     All of you are my Brothers and Sisters, Sons and Daughters and, my elders are, my moms and dads, but, Only the, "God of the Gods, and Goddesses, is my Creator, my Father and my Universe. This does not gladden my heart, when I see, so many of you without direction, without purpose and feeling, as if life is cursed. If life is cursed, it is man, who brings about the darkness, we have in this world. Among all the species, of this planet, mankind, is the true destroyer and, this does not have to be so. To feel any other way, is being false with you, and, self deceitful with myself. This is the core, from which all my sadness, flows from. So easy, is the solution, to fix this world, yet, among those of you, who refuse to change, force has never been an option. Unity can only come from choice. We are left alone in this world, without enough people, to inspire us, to educate ourselves, in the ways of true righteousness.

     I am no stranger, to all the ways, that there can be. I’ve been the Dawn, and the Dusk, that stands between, the darkness, and the light. Yet, I say it not to gain recognition, only that all of you I do recognize. Mostly, I’m in balance, with my two extremes. I know it is easy, to be deceived, even without leaving your own home. I known, as most of you too, all the different pains in life. Physically, Mentally and Spiritually. Yet, I’ve had the pleasure, of knowing the greatest of joys as well as, the greatest of pain. I hear some of you women now. I’ve been gunshot and had a compound fracture. I’ve been kidnapped, pistol whipped and beaten with sticks and clubs for ten hours. I guess some of you women have had babies with less suffering, yet, many have suffered as much if not longer. I’m not trying to win any kind of contest. I’ve died a few times, but, that was kind of peaceful, once, real dark without thought even.

     The thing is though, we can be deceived, without believing, we are deceived. Ready to die for something we know, when, what we know, is not right either. You, Me and I, must take, what our parents, and theirs, tell us is right, as being right. What If, they are wrong? Are you going to continue to believe what is wrong, instead of, what is right? The problem is, most of us do. Most of us, feel like killing you, even if, you tell me, or try to show me, what is right, when we believe, what is wrong. As children, we are not left to search for the real truth. We wouldn’t have the guidance, to point us in the right direction anyway, because, people are at different degree of knowledge, and the only direction, you can get from them is, maybe where to search, for a certain type of information. Most would rather, you just believe them. Being a lazy species, most of us do just that. Well, I’ve got things to do, though I would rather write. Living with other leaves me little time to write as much as I wish. So chew on this for awhile and I hope to see more of you soon.               


About archangelwade

I have an excellent imagination. The imagination is the blackboard of our minds, and the smaller we limit it, the less we are able to understand. It takes a whole lot of understanding, just to understand everything. If you believe you only use 10% of your mind, that is what you limit yourself to using. I seek World, Planetary, and Universal Unity through open-mindedness, open-bigheartedness, and the will to strive to become one with everything. That way, our chance of seeing everything alive, and the continuous creative power of The God of Gods presence in all things everywhere. Unity is a force that the more unified it is, the greater the power will be. These are the things that define me and you as one. By myself, I'm alone, and a victim of prey, upon by those, who have unified, either through purity, or impurity. I'm a Disabled Poet/Writer and Dreamer of Dreams. I have much I would like to share with this world with what short time I have left within it. The only problem is, I believe sharing is a two way street, and most people remain upon their one way life avenues. Consideration of others, unless it benefits them materialistically, is usually rejected. So I write for future generations and to those who need benefited from the things I write today. In one way, I'm like God, I let you choose whether you wish to share or not. I worship no man or woman, not even the ego of my own self. May the God of Gods blessings be upon all of you, my Brothers and Sisters, But I personally believe in only One True God! Down below on this profile page, you will be able to click upon two other links, One called; "Open Forum", Two or the Second called; "Community". These are some of my first public published blogs. I hope you can find some enjoyment, as well as maybe, something that may help you in you journey in life, to make life a little more understandable, if that is where you are at. Maybe just trying to understand the writer, whatever the case may be. All Praises to Almighty God, and may we all achieve respect for one another, the environment, and all things living, which in my Mind, Heart and Soul, It is God that animates everything within the Universe which we Live!
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