Finding yourself in all the confusion of Life

     Within these walls, that we call our bodies, holds the minds (Spirits) of what we call our selves. The reason that I say selves, is because each of us see and believe our self to be individuals of those around us. We all are taught, what to believe by our different cultures, religions and nationalities. It becomes so easy to accept, as truth, what our loved ones, our teachers and our government leaders ask us to believe, because being lazy of mind and body is easier than having to research all the logic, then reason with that logic, to come up with a common sense truth for ourselves. Take notice of these words, “WE All have been deceived when we do not question everything we think we know!” 

     The theme to my blogs, has to do with bring the world together as one. Knowing that everything in the universe is connected as one mass, and no matter what any of us want to believe, even this universe, is connected to a mass of other universes, which common sense dictates, is connected to a mass of even a larger mass of larger masses of other universes ad infinitum. Yet, for us humans, grasping these concepts is impossible until we learn to grasp the complete and truthful concept of ones own self and, ones own self’s place within the whole of all things. This is only the beginning of a journey, that leads to eternity, our place in it, but, you are not allowed to go upon this journey with me because, only those who posses a open mind and, open heart can travel with me, fore that is the only vehicle that allows us to use our logic, reasoning and common sense area of our brains. It is also, the only part of the brain that, gives us access to the truth, which flows to and from, that which I call, “God”.

     Now, I have been stricken with, an enlarge blood clod, within my left hip, ulcers on my left leg an ankle, also pulmonary embolism, failing heart and, possible now, a blood clod within my head, because from awake to sleep, I suffer from a headache from hell it seems. I would guess, that whatever we have done in life, that is wrong, karma will make us pay full price for our sins. Mainly I write these for my Child and my Grandchild that My child has have, but decided one day, that we all are brothers and sister of the One True God, and decided to share them with all that may benefit from these words. It is important, that we trust no one with what is truth and what is not truth, till we can prove it within our logic, reasoning and common sense part of our selves, and the truth will always illuminate one self with the God of Gods and then we find our self a servant unto all of life and God has become a servant unto each one of us. For this reason, we were created, and this reason, God will continue to prefect us into perfectness of Sons and Daughters of the One True God.

     I hope to continue this with more to come. It has come time for me to rest for a while. So please forgive me for my shortness of energy, and I ask that you all who follow reading my blogs will say a prayer that I come up with the energy to write more later today or as soon as possible. I also pray that all of you, no matter what your religion, no matter what your beliefs, will think a quick prayer that God will hear and give me the strength to get written what words God wants me to belay to all of you my family. I have the upmost respect for all religions, if they lead you to the real truth that God is and filled with the Love that God has for each of us. In the Christians Bible, there is a verse I would like you all to try and understand. It is Revelations 12:9. Then ask your selves, What part of the whole are you not? I have a lot of respect for all the religions, as far as the truth goes. The rest is deceiving and, from men who wish to enslave us to remaining ignorant of the truth so that we maybe controlled to their own ends. Be wise as Solomon and filled with the loving True Spirit of The God of All Gods. Till next time, Peace be with us all.


About archangelwade

I have an excellent imagination. The imagination is the blackboard of our minds, and the smaller we limit it, the less we are able to understand. It takes a whole lot of understanding, just to understand everything. If you believe you only use 10% of your mind, that is what you limit yourself to using. I seek World, Planetary, and Universal Unity through open-mindedness, open-bigheartedness, and the will to strive to become one with everything. That way, our chance of seeing everything alive, and the continuous creative power of The God of Gods presence in all things everywhere. Unity is a force that the more unified it is, the greater the power will be. These are the things that define me and you as one. By myself, I'm alone, and a victim of prey, upon by those, who have unified, either through purity, or impurity. I'm a Disabled Poet/Writer and Dreamer of Dreams. I have much I would like to share with this world with what short time I have left within it. The only problem is, I believe sharing is a two way street, and most people remain upon their one way life avenues. Consideration of others, unless it benefits them materialistically, is usually rejected. So I write for future generations and to those who need benefited from the things I write today. In one way, I'm like God, I let you choose whether you wish to share or not. I worship no man or woman, not even the ego of my own self. May the God of Gods blessings be upon all of you, my Brothers and Sisters, But I personally believe in only One True God! Down below on this profile page, you will be able to click upon two other links, One called; "Open Forum", Two or the Second called; "Community". These are some of my first public published blogs. I hope you can find some enjoyment, as well as maybe, something that may help you in you journey in life, to make life a little more understandable, if that is where you are at. Maybe just trying to understand the writer, whatever the case may be. All Praises to Almighty God, and may we all achieve respect for one another, the environment, and all things living, which in my Mind, Heart and Soul, It is God that animates everything within the Universe which we Live!
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3 Responses to Finding yourself in all the confusion of Life

  1. KAMRAN says:

    May God receive you in your new beginning, and that we could receive more of you in the future. Journey well, my friend.

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