The Word Defined

Words carry the seeds of violence, of war and also of peace. From all perspectives, those of peace, are the most mature and, are the most truthful words, out of all words, spoken or written. My words must be unbiased and defend all sides equally, for if life isn’t equally given consideration, then the likelihood of slavery could and does exist. Slavery is wrong, and there is not anyone, whether it be Race, Creed, Color, Stature within the all the echelon of power, and because of this, it is also wrong, for any of us to look back into our histories of Slavery, and still hold negative feelings toward to screw-ups of our ancestors.

     As a young man, between the ages of 13 and 16, I had studied some works of religion, and philosophy. It became my moral duty to look for a way of bringing about peace, in a world that seemed to have declared war on everything. I went about it in a scientific way. Everyone became my guinea pig. I called myself a reactionary at that one point. I would come off the wall with words or actions, testing others for their reaction or actions. Also, at the same time I was watching everyone. This is the way our children learn about their parents, parents about their children, etc… . People are at different degrees of logic, learning and common sense. One Genius may be ignorant of another genius who excels in a different way. We all are different, with common ground that makes us all alike.

     After many decades, I have finally realized, the world can only be changed, and saved, through the levels of teaching our children, the basis of using their imaginations as a blackboard, as a scientific instrument to test theories, that way, they come up on their own, without having to Parrot so and so, no other persons, except the ones who theorized, and their selves who through scientific method and discipline their scientific research, joyfully brings them to scientific Fact! So here is the Word defined.

     For those of us, who can take the data that is, or seems to be always changing, and process it, so that we can change with it, then we have a place in the future of things to come, to those of us, who are so set in our ways, whether right or wrong, and we refuse to change, refuse to be taught real truths, then the world stands at a place of sorrow, and we are just waiting for you to die, so we can try to save a planet, that you always seem to be destroying for your own gain, even when you have families, that you will be leaving behind, to reap a whirlwind of you caused destruction. May the God Almighty be merciful to all of Us and this world which sustains all life upon it. 


About archangelwade

I have an excellent imagination. The imagination is the blackboard of our minds, and the smaller we limit it, the less we are able to understand. It takes a whole lot of understanding, just to understand everything. If you believe you only use 10% of your mind, that is what you limit yourself to using. I seek World, Planetary, and Universal Unity through open-mindedness, open-bigheartedness, and the will to strive to become one with everything. That way, our chance of seeing everything alive, and the continuous creative power of The God of Gods presence in all things everywhere. Unity is a force that the more unified it is, the greater the power will be. These are the things that define me and you as one. By myself, I'm alone, and a victim of prey, upon by those, who have unified, either through purity, or impurity. I'm a Disabled Poet/Writer and Dreamer of Dreams. I have much I would like to share with this world with what short time I have left within it. The only problem is, I believe sharing is a two way street, and most people remain upon their one way life avenues. Consideration of others, unless it benefits them materialistically, is usually rejected. So I write for future generations and to those who need benefited from the things I write today. In one way, I'm like God, I let you choose whether you wish to share or not. I worship no man or woman, not even the ego of my own self. May the God of Gods blessings be upon all of you, my Brothers and Sisters, But I personally believe in only One True God! Down below on this profile page, you will be able to click upon two other links, One called; "Open Forum", Two or the Second called; "Community". These are some of my first public published blogs. I hope you can find some enjoyment, as well as maybe, something that may help you in you journey in life, to make life a little more understandable, if that is where you are at. Maybe just trying to understand the writer, whatever the case may be. All Praises to Almighty God, and may we all achieve respect for one another, the environment, and all things living, which in my Mind, Heart and Soul, It is God that animates everything within the Universe which we Live!
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