Eternal Love

English: Level II Multiverse: every disk is a ...

Multi-verse: every disk is a bubble universe. Universe 1 to Universe 6 are different bubbles, with distinct physical constants that are different from our universe. Our universe is just one of the bubbles. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

     Mankind has many concepts of what they believe love to be. Yet, as we get older and older, we see this concept go through many different degrees of change, and yet if we do not have God in “Our” Life, then we realize that our love is not complete. This happens because we keep our love confined within the bounds of our heart and it truly doesn’t add up to be truelove, for truelove can not be held, as you would hold an idea, within the bounds of a space define be the self. True and pure love is translucent as air and space, yet holds the power that the mind can not even begin to define. It explodes into an everlasting wave which, reaches into all the universe and, comes back even more pure than it did when it was first born within the cosmic thought, or realization of an existing feeling within our puny hearts.

     Truelove, once it reaches back to us, we understand the first thing is, it’s origin doesn’t start with us per sa, but in reality, it’s of a more Spiritual nature with origins within the Universe being of a body which has existed long before we can realize it, and will exist long after we shed these bodies of material being. Basically, Pure Spiritual Being, which I call God, many names, same substance. So my fellow mankindians, you have to believe and come to know God, the God of Gods, to know truelove!!!! Next, I would like to tell you that whether you are of one belief or another, it doesn’t matter to me, I know that everyone is worth something and, everyone is a son or daughter of the most High True God. Within your belief, there is a member who stand out above all of us for holding beliefs and a Love that dwarfs our own, we must learn to model our life after this person, to just begin to understand all the understanding that it takes, just to truly Understand it all.

     Like the picture at the top of this, we go through many levels of understanding, and hopefully, we are able to open our minds, and hearts up enough, to break out of one world and, discover our Universe, and come even far enough, to understand that common sense dictates, their are other worlds and universes beyond our visual setting, that can only be seen with the eyes of instinct, imagination and intelligence. Those three I’s will solve any issues that, the mind needs to use to become greater than what we are without them. Real love understands all. Real love doesn’t judge wrong, but does speak out against wrong in a right way. Real love is kind and patient. It is warm and accepting. It neuters, and feeds healthy things, and ways to everything. It’s forgiving to others and self. It promotes life and, the giving of energy which continually sustains life. This is what God does for Us All!!!

     So, my brothers and sisters. You want to know true Love? You want to know how the Kingdom of Heaven is? Know this then. God Lives within all of Us. Within everything Everywhere. God gave us Yeshua, to bring Us the message of Love. God is the only Love that will free Us from our misguided teachings that keeps us remain lost, from the Kingdom of Heaven, for it is true, that this Kingdom is present every within and around Us. With one hand we must reach within and the other, we must reach around Us and pick up the Love we were born to find, to have and share with all of our brothers and sisters, so they can feel the real Love we have to share and we can feel the real Love they have to share, not that false Love were one gives and the other receives without anything in return. These words I share with all of my Love while I still have time to share them with you!!!


About archangelwade

I have an excellent imagination. The imagination is the blackboard of our minds, and the smaller we limit it, the less we are able to understand. It takes a whole lot of understanding, just to understand everything. If you believe you only use 10% of your mind, that is what you limit yourself to using. I seek World, Planetary, and Universal Unity through open-mindedness, open-bigheartedness, and the will to strive to become one with everything. That way, our chance of seeing everything alive, and the continuous creative power of The God of Gods presence in all things everywhere. Unity is a force that the more unified it is, the greater the power will be. These are the things that define me and you as one. By myself, I'm alone, and a victim of prey, upon by those, who have unified, either through purity, or impurity. I'm a Disabled Poet/Writer and Dreamer of Dreams. I have much I would like to share with this world with what short time I have left within it. The only problem is, I believe sharing is a two way street, and most people remain upon their one way life avenues. Consideration of others, unless it benefits them materialistically, is usually rejected. So I write for future generations and to those who need benefited from the things I write today. In one way, I'm like God, I let you choose whether you wish to share or not. I worship no man or woman, not even the ego of my own self. May the God of Gods blessings be upon all of you, my Brothers and Sisters, But I personally believe in only One True God! Down below on this profile page, you will be able to click upon two other links, One called; "Open Forum", Two or the Second called; "Community". These are some of my first public published blogs. I hope you can find some enjoyment, as well as maybe, something that may help you in you journey in life, to make life a little more understandable, if that is where you are at. Maybe just trying to understand the writer, whatever the case may be. All Praises to Almighty God, and may we all achieve respect for one another, the environment, and all things living, which in my Mind, Heart and Soul, It is God that animates everything within the Universe which we Live!
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