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     This page is about me. When I came to visit, at the top of my WordPress page, it asked me to update my site with things about me. What is WordPress trying to do? Scare off all my following. Make people judge my past words as something they dare not thing about or take seriously? You see, if you find got moral fiber in my past few works, what will you do, think or will you even give it a thought, what brought me to the purity of trying to advise, help and show that I truly care about all life within this Universe, and I am one of those people, who believes, all things within this Universe is Living, one way or another, seen and unseen. I also believe we all have a right to believe the way we want too, whether right or wrong, but it is my whole hearten belief, that if we investigate with an open-mind, an open-heart, and use logic, reasoning and common sense, we all can come to the conclusion that is correct and in line with the Highest power of this Universe.

      I was born in Dayton, Ohio at Good Sam. hospital, May 9th, 1956. My mother and Father couldn’t stand each other, and fought like cats and dogs till my nine month on this side of the uterus wall. I had to listen to their bickering for almost ten months before I came out of my mother, so it goes to say that life started off in a traumatic state, before I even had a chance to experience the world unattached to the umbilical cord which made me one with my mother at least. At nine months, like together was over for them, so I began my journey through a world of being the outsider of just about ever place I was to go from that day forward, to this day that I write this writing to  you now. Divorce was the beginning of a trip that no infant is prepared for before and after birth.

I was born during the baby boomer years, shortly after the Korean War, and family where enjoying there families living within the first peace they had known since the great depression. Even though things were better, they where things that had been stamped and branded upon the moral spirit of those children that had to grow up through one of the hardest times in American history, that seemed to start back since the Civil War and every few years or decades later, the preparation for pending disaster was always building on the horizon, and families always worried about their own little closed groups of keeping the unity small and, within their own immediate units. My Mother for some reason, looked upon my Father as being the incarnate of the Devil, and felt that I had to be protected from the clutches of his power, even though he was ordered to pay child support and would have got summer custody as well as some week-end time to help raise his son.

         Who knows, maybe she was right in what she did, but still I must question that, because I know what it feels like to have your child kidnapped and taken away from you. At first, I wanted to imprison my child’s mother, but while in the process of going through the motions of doing so, the question hit me, is having my child turn against me when she started going through the changes of life, and possibly hating my forever after that, I changed my mind. But knowing what I know today, I should have taken that chance and lived with it anyway, because circumstances has made it the same anyway. I look at my ex’s life, and see my daughter following in the same footsteps that my ex’s mother did and that she had to do until she meet the man she is with today. If my daughter and my ex’s life turn out the way things are now, I guess it’s an improvement, at least I pray to God it is. Of course, the fat lady hasn’t sung her song yet.

      Back to my life. I was placed into the custody of my Mother, who when she looked upon me, she seen my father, and shortly thereafter, I was placed into my Fathers custody and he seemed to only see into me my mother, so life was quite hellish for a young child who couldn’t then seem to understand why, and that’s when the trouble began, after speaking with authorities, and not getting any help, I began my life of running and getting into trouble, just so I didn’t have to live with abuses, that juvenile prisons didn’t even compare too. After that, I tried to settle down, but as the old saying goes, the sins of the Father pass upon to the son, and the journey of a life in crime became my escape from a society that children services grew out of. It took me years and decades, just to understand myself, and the why and what made me the way that I was. Insights are earned, otherwise, anything one would say about situations that they have no understanding of, are only theories of most straight bull.

     I’m not proud of serving around fifteen years of my life locked in small rooms, on to live with my thoughts and a self that I could no way be happy with. But, the blessing come from understanding the why, the how, the who, when and what. I know I am a different person today, than I was yesterday, and I also know that so many others are going to be stuck upon judging me from the past, that if God of all Gods walks beside me and says this is a fact, many of you are so stuck upon you ways and self, there is no way, you are going to believe, or even listen to words, that causes us to reevaluate our lives, so that we can see, were we need to make changes, to better our self, and our world around us, out of fear of the unknown, we stay frozen, in the wrongs of our personal choices, and continue doing that which doesn’t put everything in its place, so that Gods power of Healing, Love, and Peace, cures all the wrongs that man kinds fore-fathers have taken out-of-place in their ventures to prosper at the expense of their children and grandchildren.


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  1. paradigm1956 says:

    To write exactly everything one thinks or feels, would not be understood the.way we may want them to be understood. Everyone isn’t on the same level as their fellow person. If we were, the world would be a lot more mellow and understanding of each others place of understanding,and it wouldn’t be such a big deal

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