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Same or Different, Different or Same

     The following writing takes a little bit of thought, and precision. Like all things in this world, I believe the most things that mankind needs to work out with, is their minds, or they become tools being used by … Continue reading

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The Word Defined

Words carry the seeds of violence, of war and also of peace. From all perspectives, those of peace, are the most mature and, are the most truthful words, out of all words, spoken or written. My words must be unbiased and … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to Hello World!      This from this point and date, is the first writing, (Blogging) done after Windows Live converted over to As you will see, I have other blogs that date back before this date. I also … Continue reading

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Finding yourself in all the confusion of Life

     Within these walls, that we call our bodies, holds the minds (Spirits) of what we call our selves. The reason that I say selves, is because each of us see and believe our self to be individuals of those … Continue reading

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