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Behold Love Part Two

As a child, love is, that knowing feeling of trust, that the care of me, is gentle, and healing of anything, that arises and, that gives one, and each of us comfort when discomfort appears. It is a soft voice, and a gentle caress, when sureness of discomfort arises, in any way. It is a feeling of warmth, when there is a chill, all around us, dryness, when we find our self wet, momentarily. All in all, it is being cared for, as soon as, the need arises. It is like soft beautiful music, to the soul, mind, and Spirit. Felt all the way throughout ones body, like wearing silk, with a warm gentle breeze, giving comfort instead of fear and pain. Its power, is the greatest healing quality, of the whole Universe, because, it is real, and it is from God, even if it is coming, indirectly through a parent, or someone else.
Nurturing a child, an adult, an animal, a garden, all things within the Universe, is our purpose in life. What we put into it, is what we should get out of it. The problem is, the people of this world has not been taught from childhood, these qualities that are expected of them, so they have all let the World go to Hell in a handbag. I see it in, my own children, in myself, and in most of you and yours too. If this happens, to make any of you all mad, to hell with the ones it does, and welcome to Hell, the place that, our fore-fathers and fore-mothers, passed on down, to each of us, but getting mad, wanting, or planning to kill me, or any other writer and speaker, that happens to say so, only proves each us correct about this claim, and does not help fix the problem, it only adds too, and worsens, the Hell we, and our past relatives, that have already created for, the children of tomorrow, which is in danger, of never getting here or there, much longer anyway. If any of you must point a finger, make sure you stand before a mirror first, because that is where it must start first, if we all are going to fix our problems of all the hell that has been created, and will arise from the doctrines of future plans, of those things which have been set into motion, things that are to take place later on down the time line, at later dates, we must begin now, with our very own being first.
I began this writing, with such warmth, and love that reminds some of those great feelings, that they were able to experience as a child. Then I wrote paragraph two, and on the horizon, I seen the dark clouds of a storm appear, for out of the darkness, when illuminated with light, Evil becomes visible even to the blind people. Evil uses the cloak of the seven deadly sins, to blind the ignorant of plans of greed, power and destruction. The cloak has two sides to it. On the outside, It may shine as bright as the Sun, glitter with gold and diamonds. Give the appearance of meekness, of a baby lamb of God, but within, it can be darker than night, ready to bury its horns, deep within your Soul and Spirit, and devour you with teeth, of Impure Hell. All meant to corrupt the pureness of The God of Gods, which is constantly warning, guiding, you toward the path of Spiritual Purity.

Love is a quality, when it is true love, bring forth unity, healing, and feelings of the intellectual kind. Not the Emotional kind. Emotional love is possessive, jealous and doesn’t allow others to share their self, even with God, without getting emotional mad and acting like a little child that is spoiled rotten, and needs a good whipping. If this sounds like you, then hear this now, Wake up and Grow up, because you are also part of the worlds Problems. And to prove you are babies, those of you who are like this, if you haven’t already done so, want to quit reading or hearing this be read to you right now. Do you know Why? The truth will sometimes hurt you. But anyone who can continue reading, or listening to the truth, no matter how painful it is, I congratulate and pray Gods Blessings will rain down upon you forever, because I’m just like you, or maybe, was worse than you at one time, because I’ll soon be fifty-six years old, and I’m still struggling to better myself, even though I’m writing these words to you today. You see, twice, I’ve been sent home to die, but I Love everyone, everything in this world, but only God has stood by me, when the rest of the world went upon their way, but only God can deliver each of us from our fear of dying alone! Only can we alone, do the things that is needed to better our self.

So little time, do we each have here upon this Earth. I’m not proud to admit that I wasted most of it. Done so many things wrong, for all the wrong reasons. Lived mostly an Emotional life. You see, at the end of my life, I’ve reached out, to try to help those, who are closest to my heart, but my past and there feelings toward me has even stopped that. So I turned my heart and Love to my largest family, my Brothers and Sister which God created the Spirits living within the each of us. All doors are open, those who wish to enter are welcome, at lest till God says its time for me to exit. Basically Behold Love is my Last will and Testament. I’ve partied like Rock Stars that have died on half the stuff I’ve done. I’ve died a few times myself, and God keeps bringing me back, so this is the reason I write the things I write to you. I don’t know how far he is going to let me go, but I;m going to say a lot of things, most of you may not believe them, but that’s okay too.

I’ve done so much reading, that I can spout off facts all day long. But those facts are not real, if you are not willing to test, and see all the theories, and data for you own minds eye. That center where God lives within us and connects with the center of our Heart where true Love lives. That center is Logic, Reasoning, and Common Sense. Otherwise, we all are some glorified parrots, which can be deceived by lies, delusions, and deceit. Take no ones word for anything, not even mine. Prove it to your self. Don’t fear being a real leader, even if you lose every friend or family member in this world, With God on your side, you will not go wrong ever again! Amen! Hopefully you will join me for another, “Behold Love Part Three!

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Behold Love Part One

Peoples of The World,

     I have written many things to think about. Things to consider. Things to strive to understand, and to reread over and over to gain different insights of understanding. For it take volumes and volumes of understanding just to understand. Let your Hearts be the guide, but first, remove all emotions, all the things that control your feelings toward the places of Hatred, Hurtful Feelings for yourself and others. Let your seat of The Living God, that is within your mind, be the controlling factor of your heart for the Words and, however many Parts this Almighty God allows me to write, the if my time upon this Earth permits, able to proof-read and edit to Gods perfection, not mine or your perfection.

      It is the children, that lives, through the coming tribulations, that these words will best be suited for, because us old Goats, us old Sheep and, us wolves are polluted and corrupted be the sins of our bad experiences that life has already branded, seared and scarred our Souls and Spirits with the Sins of the generations before us. In truth, we are all watchers. We are all seers. We all are hypocrites with Doctrines in falsehoods and parroting what we believe to be truth, when in reality, under the foundation of Gods Truth, our logic, our reasoning and, our common sense is biased by what we have been taught, and if I was wrong about this, then the world would already be living in unity with a thousand years of Gods years of Peace.

       Within Each person, the Trinity of Universal Entities, only have on a daily basis, three names we all use for them, which we dummy down the power of, and remain ignorant to its real Power. “You, Me and I.” As you see those three words written there, that is the proper place that they belong for Harmony, Peace and Unity. That way alone, bring Honor, Truth and Consideration upon ones own self and Glorifies God. Now you can switch the first with the second, and still be within Truth and Consideration, but Honor has been removed from Gods proper Place and, Placed first upon, ones own self first, and God is honored second, because Me is the Child part of ones own self, and You is the part that God plainly is Universal in the Trinity. Now where the ten percentile, those who are UN-aware and believe that all, or most of mankind only uses 10% of their minds, really place their self upon a pedestal above God, you and all the rest of Us, the Me and I’s or the I’s and Me’s, because they believe only in their self, and a win-win situation is out of the question, plus they interest is only in unifying their self with an Individual approach, I win for me and your loss to me. The Power players. In the game only to control their self-gratification and care not a thing about unity as long as they win and your loss.

     Well, that gives us the first keys to power, both the right and wrong way, as well as your way. Learn to be analytical, if your heart has, any real desire to know the real Truth. Don’t be ignorant and, show your ignorance by always writing from your emotional feelings in ways that you think it makes you sound educated. It’s bad enough that this uneducated foolish person, if your going to take my past into account, and believe me, the day comes quick, when we all are going to have to be accountable for all of our actions, words and deeds. All my life, all I ever wanted, was a family, willing to invite my over, and show me what it feels like to be a unified family of blood relatives, but since I was nine months old, fifty-five going on fifty-six years later, I finally found out, that it Gods real family, that with the exception of a couple, couldn’t hold a flame, to the Honor, Trust and Love that the Family God has given. The only blood that we share, is the blood of his Sons and prophet have given for Us!

      You want your place among that Family, you have to earn it. Even when you haven’t earned it, they will still show it, by their examples, actions and words, without judgements, which they leave entirely between God and, You and Me! So if you are ready to learning part two, and if God is willing for you to hear it here, because this isn’t the only place, or time that he has given you this information, but his Grace willing, Part Two is shortly behind this part. I’m leaving no one out, not even my self. as a matter of Fact, all facts a provable and verifiable, one heard as Theories, they can be brought forth as Facts of Solid Gold Truth. No longer theories, like so many other writer’s unsubstantiated emotional dribble, that is slanderous and venomous. Fiction isn’t non-fiction. Most Governments have so many different war going on, upon their own people, but it makes me sick to see our people warring with Governments, other Peoples because of their race, color or creed, and it’s even more uncouth, inconsiderate, against Gods Holy commandments, for people to Disrespect, Dishonor and Demonize their Family whether blood or not. Read it for yourself at these few places in the Bible, and if you don’t believe in the bible, with time, I can quote the places in the Letter of the Law. For Part One; the Bible: ” Ex. 20:12, 1 Sam. 2:30, Pr. 3:9, Lu. 18:20, Rom. 12:10, Rom. 13: 7, Eph. 6:2, 1 Tim. 1:17, 2 Tim. 2:20, Heb. 2:9, Heb. 5:4, Es. 6:9, Rev. 4:11. Any version, your choice.

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The Word Defined

Words carry the seeds of violence, of war and also of peace. From all perspectives, those of peace, are the most mature and, are the most truthful words, out of all words, spoken or written. My words must be unbiased and defend all sides equally, for if life isn’t equally given consideration, then the likelihood of slavery could and does exist. Slavery is wrong, and there is not anyone, whether it be Race, Creed, Color, Stature within the all the echelon of power, and because of this, it is also wrong, for any of us to look back into our histories of Slavery, and still hold negative feelings toward to screw-ups of our ancestors.

     As a young man, between the ages of 13 and 16, I had studied some works of religion, and philosophy. It became my moral duty to look for a way of bringing about peace, in a world that seemed to have declared war on everything. I went about it in a scientific way. Everyone became my guinea pig. I called myself a reactionary at that one point. I would come off the wall with words or actions, testing others for their reaction or actions. Also, at the same time I was watching everyone. This is the way our children learn about their parents, parents about their children, etc… . People are at different degrees of logic, learning and common sense. One Genius may be ignorant of another genius who excels in a different way. We all are different, with common ground that makes us all alike.

     After many decades, I have finally realized, the world can only be changed, and saved, through the levels of teaching our children, the basis of using their imaginations as a blackboard, as a scientific instrument to test theories, that way, they come up on their own, without having to Parrot so and so, no other persons, except the ones who theorized, and their selves who through scientific method and discipline their scientific research, joyfully brings them to scientific Fact! So here is the Word defined.

     For those of us, who can take the data that is, or seems to be always changing, and process it, so that we can change with it, then we have a place in the future of things to come, to those of us, who are so set in our ways, whether right or wrong, and we refuse to change, refuse to be taught real truths, then the world stands at a place of sorrow, and we are just waiting for you to die, so we can try to save a planet, that you always seem to be destroying for your own gain, even when you have families, that you will be leaving behind, to reap a whirlwind of you caused destruction. May the God Almighty be merciful to all of Us and this world which sustains all life upon it. 

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Now is Eternal

Icebreaker! Megalomania! Words of truth? Human? Where’s your proof? Where does the lie begin? Where does it end? Be it frailty of heart, mind, and soul? How does it feel, not to be whole? Walking through the stations of Now in time. Just where in Now, will I find your mind? Will it be upon tomorrow or yesterday, maybe even today? But it’s always Now, everyone will say. Where does the lie begin, and where does it end? Of Truth, are you a true friend? Shopping upon the shores of memories, refusing to let some of them go. Is this what keeps you from being whole?

Whole with what you want to know, with a harmonic Universe being one on the go. Dragging our feet through time gone by, lost sight of the Now in my mind’s eye. If only I could understand what it takes to be one, with a Universe of  everyone and everything. Then I would know how to stay in the Now, and always let my heart sing. To be Loving all of our selves Now, we do not need any crying towel. Riding the waves way up high, being immortal and never  worrying about having to die. Oh how we All could fly, come up here with me in the Minds Eye! Understand these words of this poem I have made. Brought to you only, by one of a Loving Sons of God! Loving All of, The God of Gods Creation, Michael Grady Wade!

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An Open-Minded approach to Leadership

Students of Life,

We are brought into this world, without choice of what culture, what religion or, what race we are. We do not have a choice to what parents or, how rich of a family we come from. What we have to do is, come to the point in our life where, the only thing that matters is, we dump everything we were taught by others, me including, and open our hearts and minds, to the One God, the One Spirit of Truth, and come to the facts of our beliefs, through the proof, backed up through all the religious and, non-religious writings. That Golden thread that is, the same in all of them, that is where, the truth is found.

No matter the age of a person, no matter the beliefs, of a person, we all are children, created in, and by the same spirit of God, not in the flesh, but in the spirit, bound by flesh. If we work hard and live, love and react, to all of life realities, as the reality of the presence of God, at work through all things, then all things, will show this presence, within our lives, our ways, and our feelings. Governments, the world over, are not different, in the ways they serve the people, of their leadership, for mankind can, this is influenced, by the wealth and prosperity, of the Big Businesses, that offer them, that magic number, of their continued support. Take that power from any one, or group of men, and put the decision of Global matters, into the hands of the people, who it affects, and make it accountable to the environment, the people and, all life within the Eco-system, of universal matter, manner and harmony, of all different life forms, believe the corruption would stop, and life would be prosperous, toward all things, including big business, as long as, big business, doesn’t become greedy, and self-serving.

I am a patriot, I love my Country, its people, and think that all of us should have a mind-set of world patriotism, that we all should care, that each person living upon this planet, should be free of all repercussions, for believing in Peace, Justice and Accountability. It is from the Fore-Fathers and those historicist, of great men and women, from times beginning, that spoke for the betterment of life, liberty and justice, for all life living and, co-existing upon this planet where all life can be found. Those who couldn’t be bought with Gold, Silver and Jewels of immense wealth, for in doing so, they became corrupted, by powers of Evil and destruction, of said same life. A Patriot, is someone who, unlike myself, was brave enough to speak out in the face of their own destruction, even though they were of good health and, had the youth, and possibility of living a long life, many of them sacrificed those lives, for what was right, then as much as, it is right now.

I am a poor example, of those Great ones. For now, I am at the end of my life, here upon this earth, my health doesn’t give me the time, to do much at working toward a goal, of waking up people to the concepts of living a righteous life, and I myself, with a past that darkens the stain of righteousness. All I can do is write these few words, in hopes to inspire, those who have lived righteously, throughout their time in this world, or even to those who are not living righteously, to give them the chance to change their lives, to carry on, from where I must leave off. Also, it is my contribution, knowing both sides, both Good and Evil, that I am able to speak to everyone, from their own standpoint in life. Karma-tic Justice, is running its course throughout my body. I am reaping, that which I have sown. Everything that I thought, I’d escaped punishment from, God has now shown, that no one escapes, their due punishment. Whether I suffer my way, throughout the rest of my time, here upon Earth, it is a small price to pay, to go to an after life of, Gods purity and Loving Mercy.

All of Us, stand each moment, at the crossroads of choice, to do what’s Good and Right, to choosing what’s Evil and wrong. Those of Us, who are asleep to, the over-flowing Love of righteousness, will be led by our closed-mindedness and, closed heart-felt Love of righteousness, and automatically choose things, according to our greediness of self-propelled, non-consideration, of all living things around us. Unaware, of the full penalty of our choices, we choose of each moment, that we must be making a choice. A Doctrine of, “Do unto others, before they Do unto You”, instead of, “Do unto Other, as You would Have them Do unto You”! If you are ready to wake up, truly to become alive, within the Body, of the, God of All Gods, then lay all the Holy books, side by side, read from each of them, and compare. Find that, which each are in agreement upon, then research the newest, to the oldest of them, and that, which is the same, though the names may differ, from one to the other, but on speaking terms, it is the same in story details, you will come to see, the Golden Thread of Truth, that makes them all the same, and that sameness, is the real truth. The rest has been corrupted, and deluded, with words of disillusion, meant to control the distance, of how far you can go, upon your own, and so that, you will seek guidance from mankind’s leaders, though they are fallible, and through these leaders, who depend upon your support, and their need of your funds to support them, they give you advice, not through experience, though there are a few that do, most give illogical reasoning, to keep the veil pulled down over your eyes, hoping that you are not able to raise it, and look beyond, into the face of the truth of God.

It is better to learn the things of God, through the spirit of God, it is OK, to discuss with Leaders of the church, those things you read, but do not understand, but by no means, take what you discuss with them, as being the True Gospel, unless God impresses upon your Heart, Mind and Spirit, the truth of Logic, Reasoning, and Common Sense, which will illuminate you and, all things will ring with his presence and truth. Your only task in life, is to bring about an awakening of your Soul and Spirit, to the ever presence, of an Every-Lasting, Ever-Loving and, a Living All knowing God. The One, and the Same in, All Religions, All of Creation, that is a constant fact going on, every moment of every nano-second in the Now of Eternity.

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Storms of Life

     In life we find ourselves, facing many different types of storms. There are those that come from the elemental type, then there are those that come from the emotional type, and of course, the Spiritual type. All of them have a way of wrecking havoc in our lives, but some, (the Elemental type), suppose to have safe guards in place, for when they happen, rescue is following through, to help keep, the loss of life down to, the bare minimum. Just a few years ago, Katrina was one such storm, News of it effects, kept us glued to our television sets, and the whole country, stood by in awe at its destruction, while our government held back the truck loads os supplies. Five days later, a Tsunami hit the world, and America sent Navy, and Air support to the victims within twenty-four hour, with medical supplies, food, water and medicine to the disaster relief victims, and I applaud them for it.

     What really upset me is, they still had people right here in America, our own country, starving, dying, and suffering without drinking water, from Katrina’s storm, and all of you here in America, set glued to your Tv’s, instead of writing, or calling, your congressmen and women, that Americas interest, is in its taxpayers, and the children of those tax-payers of tomorrow, if we are to continue helping out those in need in other parts of the world. So the next time our country suffers the devastation of a large destructive storm, it would be nice, to see our government move, and get services to our people, within twenty-four hours, like they did during the Tsunami that happened almost a week after Katrina, which to this very day, some people are still waiting, for our governments help, from the devastation of Katrina’s disaster.

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