Eternal Love

English: Level II Multiverse: every disk is a ...

Multi-verse: every disk is a bubble universe. Universe 1 to Universe 6 are different bubbles, with distinct physical constants that are different from our universe. Our universe is just one of the bubbles. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

     Mankind has many concepts of what they believe love to be. Yet, as we get older and older, we see this concept go through many different degrees of change, and yet if we do not have God in “Our” Life, then we realize that our love is not complete. This happens because we keep our love confined within the bounds of our heart and it truly doesn’t add up to be truelove, for truelove can not be held, as you would hold an idea, within the bounds of a space define be the self. True and pure love is translucent as air and space, yet holds the power that the mind can not even begin to define. It explodes into an everlasting wave which, reaches into all the universe and, comes back even more pure than it did when it was first born within the cosmic thought, or realization of an existing feeling within our puny hearts.

     Truelove, once it reaches back to us, we understand the first thing is, it’s origin doesn’t start with us per sa, but in reality, it’s of a more Spiritual nature with origins within the Universe being of a body which has existed long before we can realize it, and will exist long after we shed these bodies of material being. Basically, Pure Spiritual Being, which I call God, many names, same substance. So my fellow mankindians, you have to believe and come to know God, the God of Gods, to know truelove!!!! Next, I would like to tell you that whether you are of one belief or another, it doesn’t matter to me, I know that everyone is worth something and, everyone is a son or daughter of the most High True God. Within your belief, there is a member who stand out above all of us for holding beliefs and a Love that dwarfs our own, we must learn to model our life after this person, to just begin to understand all the understanding that it takes, just to truly Understand it all.

     Like the picture at the top of this, we go through many levels of understanding, and hopefully, we are able to open our minds, and hearts up enough, to break out of one world and, discover our Universe, and come even far enough, to understand that common sense dictates, their are other worlds and universes beyond our visual setting, that can only be seen with the eyes of instinct, imagination and intelligence. Those three I’s will solve any issues that, the mind needs to use to become greater than what we are without them. Real love understands all. Real love doesn’t judge wrong, but does speak out against wrong in a right way. Real love is kind and patient. It is warm and accepting. It neuters, and feeds healthy things, and ways to everything. It’s forgiving to others and self. It promotes life and, the giving of energy which continually sustains life. This is what God does for Us All!!!

     So, my brothers and sisters. You want to know true Love? You want to know how the Kingdom of Heaven is? Know this then. God Lives within all of Us. Within everything Everywhere. God gave us Yeshua, to bring Us the message of Love. God is the only Love that will free Us from our misguided teachings that keeps us remain lost, from the Kingdom of Heaven, for it is true, that this Kingdom is present every within and around Us. With one hand we must reach within and the other, we must reach around Us and pick up the Love we were born to find, to have and share with all of our brothers and sisters, so they can feel the real Love we have to share and we can feel the real Love they have to share, not that false Love were one gives and the other receives without anything in return. These words I share with all of my Love while I still have time to share them with you!!!

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Thinking Big

When I was a child, a teacher once told me to think big. I don’t remember now which teacher, or even why a teacher asked me to think big. Being a child, everything around us is already bigger than us, so maybe this teacher was telling me this to help me understand something he or she was trying to teach. Come to find out, many times that saying was said to me and others around me, so just maybe it had something to do with understanding the distance between where I stood, and where everything else stands. Over the years of growth, I’ve seen it’s meaning in everything and, with everybody even.

Some people have egos that do not fit within the frame-work of their bodies, while others have, or should I say, Are not even noticed because they lack all the arrogance, boldness, courage, conviction, faith, nerve, positiveness, self-confidence, self-reliance,sureness and trust of those with larger Egos. That doesn’t mean that those with the Egos, or those without, are right or wrong, it just means that one thinks larger than the other, and both could be right and wrong. There is nothing wrong with thinking Big or Large, but to the point of arrogance, when it comes to belittling other is wrong even if you are right about whatever point you are trying to drive home, for it is better to show respect to others, and give them time to see the logic, reasoning and common sense of your point, than to hurt them on the levels of emotional, and spiritual selves, there-forth, closing forever the road to the others Intellectual self.

How many of us, know everything there is to Know? None! But if I rephrase the question; ” How many of us are satisfied with everything we know?”, then the answer could be a lot different. Because at that moment, not some moment later, some people are content with what they know, and have not any feelings at that moment, of learning anything new. Even us that are like Human sponges, reach moments like these, just to ease the mind of working so hard. Life is a journey. My personal belief is, It doesn’t start with birth, and it doesn’t end with death. I’m not asking for anyone else to believe this. Everyone of us will find out this for ourselves, in due time. I have crossed the lines a few times, but so have some of you. We all have our stories to tell or someday will be told.

All I can say is; ” I’m sorry for those years of my ignorance, when I wronged many of you, but if only you could get to know what experience has changed me into, how it affects my Heart, Mind and Soul, as well as the Emotions of how wrong, can bring about, what you sown, is what you reap, and I’m reaping decades of ignorance. All I can say is directed toward the young and today’s youth. Think Big without allowing your Egos to grow past the size of a grain of sand. Just as you can not see the air, atoms and things unseen by the naked eye, there is a God of All Gods, and we all in Spirit are This Gods children. As the seasons change, you are seeing proof of Gods creative forces going on around you constantly. Love and serve others as if you are Loving and serving God, and your blessing will start here upon Earth, but stack them to High Heaven and, you will get to know God personally. Don’t allow those around you to control whether you do right or wrong, as I did. Do right No matter what, and you will never go wrong!

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Same or Different, Different or Same

     The following writing takes a little bit of thought, and precision. Like all things in this world, I believe the most things that mankind needs to work out with, is their minds, or they become tools being used by their friends, family and all other types of beings, whether mortal or immortal. Most of us would love to stay lazy in theses fields, but by me calling you my friend, I can’t allow this to happen to my friends, because your hardships become my hardships. Remember when you were in school, or at home, our teachers or parents would say to us, ” Michael, what are you thinking or, what are you doing?” and we would come off with those famous lies; “Nothing”at the time, unknowing to our self, they were little white lies and 999.9% of the time we got away with them, because there was no way in Heaven or hell, did we want to tell them the truths, about our plans, or what we desire most, or our friends, and I, may be getting a bag of weed, or Marijuana and meeting some girls or boys if you are a girl, in hopes of things becoming sexual for all of us, in one way or another, or even maybe, one of us, so what really matters, and most important, was the groups all being, with one and all feeling mutually about the same idea, and the plan of hopeful pleasure, whether it would happen, or not, it was being protected by, our little white lies. Even If it didn’t happen. Our dreams were enhanced, by the plan of the adventure, and the high we achieved from smoking marijuana or accomplishing any plans we make, that others may feel different about, because they are not at the same level of uninhibited , whether old, young and even middle-aged, experiences are sometimes, looked at with different viewpoints and perspectives.

     Plus the lies that grew from that, where sometimes just as amusing, whether we had got it or not, and catching the person, almost always changing of their stories so many times, it gave us a pastime, of getting to know, just how big of a dip they really were. For me though, I became totally enhanced with the English language, to the point of how beautiful it really was. For instance, the word nothing, comes from two words, No thing. With out thought, no big deal, right, but with just a little thought, there is no such thing, as nothing, because everything, is something, and that makes nothing, a lie! Then it hit me, just how many words, do we have floating around in our English language, that are precursors to the amount of words, that add up to being straight up lies, and we unknowingly accept them as truth, if they are said the right way. Let me put it this way, I was so shocked, the book that is written on “Doublespeak“, should be called, the handbook to lying, the truthful way, but no, by incorporating a handful here and, a handful there, we can, tell the truth without it being the truth. All that does is make it legal, to be illegal. Nicoli Machiavelli told the truth about ruler before and up to his present, and the teachings still hold true today.


My Dictionary quotes it like this: doublespeak [duhb-uhl-speek]


  1. evasive, ambiguous language that is intended to deceive or confuse.

Origin: 1950-55; double + speak, by analogy with doublethink

_Related forms

dou-ble-speak-er, noun

_________________________________________________________________      I’ve been drawing up, and working toward a project, that I would like to see the whole world get involved in. The idea came out of the multiple times, that I’ve had doctors pronounce the death sentence upon myself, because of my health, an also my mother who, though only being a step-mother, just passed on a little over a week ago, and she had custody of me longer than my own mother, she had her own choice of charity she would like to of, donate an accountable portion of raised monies toward a different type of organization and that was Burns on small children. My idea was to similarly take, the shape and form of Make a Wish Foundation, with a few changes, that do away with the way things are ran, at Make a Wish Foundation, (1.) One , everyone would be signing a charter statement, giving everyone in the world real-time accountability, to their Tax donations, plus Companies, that wish to donate Equipment, toward making memories, for the parents, and everyone else involved, through the supplement of materials, and though some parents, may wish  to agree upon a limit, the Idea toward getting the most bang, for everyone buck without trying to be inconsiderate to anyone, mostly us that are dying,  remember, I’m one of those candidates too but my wish is to give my time to this, and it came to me, that I haven’t seen a lot of our national parks, and what I’ve heard about the children, is they haven’t visited Disneyland, Six Flags, or whatever, that tops their list of places to see, by helping them, by helping them I get to see their paces too, and our only overhead, would be each of us who wish to volunteer our time and money too. There are many different ways of doings things, But the most things I would like to achieve is, cutting all unnecessary overhead, while making everyone a winner. Well I sure didn’t want to start this the Way I did,  Who Knows What The Good Great God does to change plans, on this again.

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Prey or Predator = ?

It’s in the News. It’s in the paper. It’s online and offline too. Always the predator, preying upon the Prey! The one with the resources, of power dwarfing, and everyone with the lack of them, being buried even further, for even trying to get real Justice, that has nothing to do about, right or wrong, but everything to being about a little more, richer than poorer. Justice at a price. A practice they like to disguise their dealings in secret, by that way, all their little sheep, will not get the right idea about them, and abandon them, so it helps when the Worlds Wealthiest Relatives, and Families, can  address the issues, out of the minds of the easiest preyed upon Patriots, of their causes, because rewards always outweighs, joblessness and homelessness. Fear, the greatest motivator of multiply species in all of the Animal Kingdoms, Which Mankind, is Number One In the destruction of, all life they can find, as a resource, to make their selves, and others like them, even if the way of retrieving the resources, destroys the nature and atmosphere, all around the resources its self.

A Baby isn’t born a predator, unless upon conception to birth, the mommies and, the daddies, sometimes both, do nothing but fight mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally, the whole time, then with the smallest of shove, in either of those ways of fighting just mentioned, their defense mechanism goes into, ego mania mode. And with a little practice, the fastest route to being a predator, is accomplish, by them being able to manipulate reactions, with their inborn action experiences, from their dads and moms, and I call them dads and moms, for a reason, because mothers and fathers, are experienced dads and moms, who have Graduated to Fathers And Mothers by being examples, of the Truth, through all their deeds, and the value, of their words given (and that graduation, isn’t always, Honorable enough, to carry that Title By God, till we surrender our All, To The Creator of All, and remains always in the continuous, State of Creation for the Existence of Everything Continuously. So families do not remain together usually, if they both do not go forth together if, they don’t make effort toward knowing their whole self with forgiveness and getting to know others with that same kind of forgiveness, so we all may see the Presence of God in Each thing We Look upon in Gods Creation.

Within each of Us, Lies both the Predator, and the Prey! Also within each of Us, Lies the indifference, that is blind to both, and can, and will deny that either exist within, and are willing to lay their life upon the line of indifference, because there they don’t have to do anything to change either that is living within, and standing up to all those others that they know intimately. If you want a quick guidebook to Government and Politics, Read; “The Prince with the discourses” and let your mind take you on a journey of learning, who knows, you may even end up with the attitude, that a day without learning is a day not worth Living. Ask your self some important questions, then go out and try finding the answer, heck, if you own a computer or a smart phone, you can see everything written, and then you can get the big picture, and see that Golden thread of Truth, that runs through everything and really use those three higher centers of your brain, Logic, Reasoning and Common Sense, then maybe you will see what Gods got in store for you, (as long as, you can keep Your Ego, Your Pride, and your desire to Be over others, no matter their level of aptitude, that you may feel them, to be at). Their is not a thing better, than knowing your purpose upon this Earth, but knowing that before all of us, stands God through, and within People, Animals, and everything seen and unseen, so it is Paramount to Show God the respect that God Deserves, EVERMORE than ANY OF US, are capable of, EVER BEING ABLE TO ACHIEVE!!!!

If we Join Our You and Me Side of Our Self together, Then The I side of Our Self Will Be Lifted Up with God and Our Community Service is to give Service to God, when you find me busy keeping I giving You the best Service  YOU GOD DESERVE!!!!

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Heaven is Like

Being Poor and feeling so very rich. It’s having a family that truly loves you and, they show it everyday, in what they say, and what they do! It’s  being happy with what you have, and not with what you could have Too. It’s looking forward to other members, of all your families and different Families, in returns of a supported, not giving thought to whether, they will or not. Being Blessed with their Presence of God showing up, that brings on the feeling of being sad, knowing soon they must leave, if they can not make it, to where you are going to be, but content too, that they are feeling the same way also, too. It’s being ten steps above stupid, for unity within a family, always makes that family, a unit of one mindedness, One lightheartedness, being True to Ones self, as well as To God and All Others we call You, There is No Family, if there is No You, and If there is No Me, for, I too See!!!!

  Family loving one another, helping one another, is the closes one can get to having Heaven here upon Earth. So as the Title says;” Heaven is Like having a real family”, though I would think in Heaven, it’s on a scale such as all races, all beliefs, all people worship of their Number One God, Being that one True God within Heaven, Family Love has not one thing to do with Physical Love, with the exception of a husband and wife, but is Spiritual in nature and, this is what Heaven is like. In Heaven, though blood does identify sources of the children of the lower Gods, on the over all scale, it’s that one Spirit bring us together in unity with being of One Blood. Blood of the Spiritual kind. More Love than Physical Families could ever know, one that proceeds each family under one Umbrella of the One and Only Father God.

  Heaven is like a cool spring of water, flowing freely to those who thirst in the desert of Life. A cool drink that gives those who drink from it, the willpower to journey farther, looking for that same over-whelming feeling, of knowing the greatness, and knowledge of God within our lives, and the lives of everything created and living. Heaven is like being able to see within, as well as, all around us, in a world that is so very blind everywhere. Believing without proof is what Faith is, Once we have drunk from the wellsprings of the Spirit of the God of Gods, no longer is faith necessary because, knowing replaces faith with an unconditional belief. People of N.D.E.’s are close to this knowledge of knowing, especially the feeling of What Heaven is Like, even if their experience, didn’t give them the knowing of God, on a personal level. Though memory implants, gave them more, than what they had started with, in the first place.

    Whether it is what I say here, or what has been said to you in the past. Even if it is the interpretations of the masses, that agree with men before them, It is not, the personal teachings of the true Spirit of God, that we speak upon command, and out of our mouth fall the words of books upon books, that differ somewhat from one to another, for the truth is that Golden tread that is strung throughout all the books, which says and has the same meaning in them all. The rest of the things that cause them to differ, is man-made, and Gods hand has not condoned it. Mankind lives upon many different levels of understanding. What one understands, another may understand it in a different way. If spoken in public or private, and you find yourself in an offensive attitude, how can you claim to be speaking from a godly point of view if anger is within your heart. All you can accomplish is turning some poor soul away from God, if it isn’t from an attitude of love, patients and mercy, tempered with a quick prayer to the Spirit of God for God to give, your tongue the proper words to speak, so that whatever level of understanding that the receiver is on, they may then understand what God wants them to comprehend. Pure and simple; “Heaven is Like a Family of Unconditional Love!

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A Loving Family Part Two

After seven years in the Southeastern mountains of Kentucky, Every holiday, Aunts, Uncles, cousins and the families married into them, came down for their vacations and get a ways. I didn’t have toys and, things that my cousins had, but I was happy beyond belief. Farm work is hard work, but mostly, I would sneak away almost daily. Pretty much I raised myself in a sense, but at least my Grandparents wasn’t sending me off to live with another Aunt or Uncle. I was learning by trial and error, about nature and mankind. One thing that was next to impossible to sneak away from, was weekly church meetings, and the answers I got from my elderly Grandparents, was short, sweet and direct to a truth that a child could understand.

Before my best friends fathers tractor got burned to the ground by his own son, my understanding of discipline, was that people don’t disrespect their elders or other people without paying a penalty of stripes across their back side, whether it be their buttock, back and legs. My Grandmother was mostly in charge of this detail, because Grandpa would lose his temper and could hurt someone pretty badly, if Grandma didn’t step in. My first crime was me stepping through an unlocked window to retrieve a piece of Christmas candy that my neighbors had given me a piece of earlier that day. When they went Christmas shopping, I went to their house to help myself to another piece I was sure they would not miss. The only problem was they came home early while I was still within their house, and I hid in their closet. Right away they notice someone had been there, and they started searching for the culprit.

Here I am, five years old, and I’ve done my first burglary and I’m hiding in their bedroom closet till I heard them go out on the back porch to graze their eyes over the back hills to see if they spotted the culprit. I took that as my chance to leave and tried to sneak out the front door and make it up the hill and across the road to Grandma house without being seen. To no avail, the neighbors looked around the corner of their back porch and caught sight of me as I was topping the hill. They called Grandma on the party line and told her what I had done. My Grandmother had alway used switches to punish me up till that day, but she took me across the road from their house and picked up a tobacco stick, that’s the big wooden stick, that holds around ten stocks of tobacco, and she whipped me right in front of the neighbors that I had just stolen from, with it. What I found out later though, is that the man of the house had claimed I had played with his shotgun and broke the firing pin, and grandma was responsible for getting it fixed. I had never touched that mans guns.

  Four year later, I was playing with my friend Dude, my best friend to this very day down there in the Southeastern Mountains of Kentucky, and his family were going to a church revival. They told me I had to go home, so off I went to my home and around bedtime, His father came to my Grandmother house with claims that I had burned down his new Ford Tractor. I had done no such thing, and since I was such a terrible liar, my grandmother asked me and I told her the truth that I came straight home without playing on or near his tractor. He demanded that she pay for it or told her that I would be found dead face down in a ditch somewhere nearby. That is when my Grandmother decided that it would be safer for my to go to Dayton, Ohio and live with my poor mother, for my safety sake. Jackson County Kentucky was like Heaven in my life, and now my journey back into Hell was to begin again.

Twenty years later, the man who threatened my life, found out from his own son, that his son had accidentally burned his tractor to the ground because they needed gas for the car they rode around in, and didn’t pull the siphon holes out and had flipped a lit cigarette but down on the ground. I was making regular trips to Kentucky for pounds of marijuana, and that man still never apologized to me. My life of crime kept growing from the day I was sent away from a way of life, were peace, Love and the feeling of unity seemed to be a way of life for a people, who had been really close to God and nature around them. They were the butt end of jokes from city people, and couldn’t understand how one country boy could body slam a half-dozen of them, because throwing fifty-five pounds to sixty-five pounds of bales of hay on a wagon each season, and hanging tobacco in a four tiered barn make a person awful strong. Not only that, I had a bushel basket of common sense to every drop they could muster from a whole group of their selves.

  This is another little known fact. A friend of mine from up here in Dayton, Ohio, took his children down there to Kentucky, Burnside to be exact, and his children had to be tutored, because they were two and a half years behind in school work then all those kids that a lot of you people say that their family trees go straight up without any branches. Just what are you all saying about your selves? Forgive me for that, that just goes and shows you all the stuff I had to put up with. Abuse, comes in different shapes, forms and ways. I like to put everything into an atomic classification. Like the atom, though in reality and Pi, all things fits into three-point something. For instance, three types of abuse, Emotional, Physical and Intellectual. For Instance, if we are to every be wise and use wisdom the correct way, and this is where the point something comes into play, like the value of Pi, We must center our-self and join our-self with only our Heart and Mind, the mind being on top, using these three parts, Logic, Reasoning and common sense filtered through the greatest Love the Heart can muster.

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A Loving Family

      At two and a half years old, my Grandmother and Grandfather on my Mothers side, started raising me as one of their own. At the time, they were also raising my sister which is six years older than myself. What is really remarkable about my Grandparents is, besides two being still-born, they had already raised thirteen of their own children. So you can say that they had plenty practice and experience. The reason they had me brought to them though is, I was only a couple of feet be-hide my cousin Ronnie, running with him to catch up with his mother, my Aunt Barbara, when a car sweep his life away right before my face. After the funeral, every time I asked for something to drink or eat, she would start crying, for she was heavy grieving the loss of her baby son, and I was almost the same age.

     Children at that age, doesn’t understand life and death, the way an adult parent does. So I was asked to be sent to my carefree, and two younger Aunts, that was living in or around Dallas, Texas at the time. It could have been me too, that lost his life that day, if I would have been running right beside Ronnie, so off to Texas I went. My Two Aunts down there, their names is, Aunt Esther and Aunt Juanita decided to take me to the beach at the Gulf of Mexico, so that they could lay out, and, I could play and paddle along the bank on a small raft they had bought for me, it had a clear window right under the pillow part and, they said I could look for little fish by looking through the window and paddle my little legs to move around. I fell asleep and somehow the value came loose from its pushed in position, the tide had taken me way out pass the roped buoy, without enough air in the raft, it wrapped itself around me as I started to sink below the waves.

     A few seconds later, the sand bottom meet my foot and I sprung straight up from the bottom and cleared the top of the waves, but the people were a whole lot smaller back on the shore, so I only had enough time to wave and hollered before going under again and again. Finally I spotted my Aunts upon the shore, in what seemed miles away. My Aunt came running toward me and started swimming, as fast as she could, till she finally reached my position. It took us a whole lot longer to get back to the shore than it did for her to get out there to me. Back in this little lagoon area, was a metal dock, surrounded with green algae growing. I’ll never forget it, because a girl pushed me off the dock into the green algae and I was covered with the green stuff. I had now ruined my Aunts day at sun-bathing on the beach and once back into the area of Dallas, my Aunts had called my Grand mother and told her about my two close calls with Death, and she order them to bring me to their two hundred area farm in south-eastern Kentucky.

     Life on the farm, is a lot of work. I would sneak off almost daily, and deserved getting a lot of switching s, which was meant to control me from the dangers that exist within the wild, such as sink holes, cliffs popping up out of no were, which if not aware, I would have been a broken mass of mush, at the bottom of a cliffs, holes in the ground and etc…! My Grandparents kept me for seven years, before a neighbor’s son while siphoning gas out of his brand new Ford Tractor, left the holes in place, and they threw a light cigarette onto the ground before leaving in the car they had just put gas into. His Tractor burnt to the ground, and since I was the last one to be asked to leave, because they were going to a Revival meeting around Turkey Foot I think, Well, Willis automatically thought I was the one who burnt his Tractor, they held Grandma and Grandpa responsible, which I was a terrible liar, and they knew, I was telling the truth about coming straight home without touching his tractor, so they refuse and, Willis promised them that I would be found dead face down in a ditch.

         I was nine and a half years old at the time. My whole time, whippings and all was on long experience of living in the closing thing to Heaven. My Grandparents held the family together, for every holiday, and the Love was a unity, like no other unity, I’ve seen upon Planet Earth since. All my life, I’ve looked for that Family feeling again, and since they passed on, our family has drifted so far apart, that I have seen Families of strangers, come closer together than, Families of the same bloodline and even those who live behind facade, for the sake of public appearance. Real families don’t have to put upon acts. Everything they do is out of a purity of Love, Respect, Honor and all things real. Their first duty is to the God of Gods, Their Second duty is to their self, and last but not least, their children and theirs, equal to knowing that through God, we all are Brothers and Sister, Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses. In their Hearts and Minds, their Love is pure as the Love we receive from the God of Gods and, the example of their lives, is the example that Gods Son Joshua has for us. Always willing to lay their lives down for Righteousness sake.

     I wanted this for my family when I started one. I’ve seen a few families, but under the surface, one sees the truth as it is.


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